Creating Tasks
Learn how to create Supreme tasks.
To create a Supreme Task, go to the releases tab and click on a product you will like to create a task for. Products are uploaded the day before each release. Once you click on it, it will auto fill the keywords and category for you. All you need to do is choose the color, size, and profile (you can make tasks for multiple profiles by selecting more than one profile in the profile selector). We post a guide in our Discord server in the #supreme channel the day before every release. Here are some things you need to read the release guide for when making your tasks:
Site Selector/Mode
We will post what mode/s to create your tasks with in the guide
Always leave at 1 unless we say otherwise
Number of Tasks
Choose how many tasks you would like to create
Proxies are not necessary for Supreme but you may use them if you would like
We will post what range to make your delays in the guide
Captcha Bypass
Always keep it OFF
Cash on Delivery
Always keep it OFF if you are a US or EU user. This is a feature for JP users only
Once you are done filling in the fields, press save and your tasks will be added to the tasks tab.
View what is releasing and choose a product to create a task
The fields will auto fill for the chosen product on the release page
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