Learn how to run for Supreme restocks.
There are 2 methods to run restocks on Plugged iOS:
    Have tasks running and stay in app following same guide from drop. You can lower delays to 0-800. You can easily change your mode to Supreme Restocks by using mass edit.
    Turn on quick tasks by going to settings > restock mode > turn it on > select site/s > press save. Make sure to have default profile/s selected with the star in the profile page so the app knows which profile to checkout with. You will now be receiving restock notifications on your phone. When you see one you want, force touch/hold on the notification and press "start task". This will launch the app and auto create/start a task using your selected profile. You may get a status of retryingATC when running for restocks which means out of stock.
Starring multiple profiles will start a quick task for each profile you have selected.
It is important to force touch/hold on the notification so you can press "Start quick task". Simply pressing on the notification will open the app and not start a task.
It is also important you have a default profile selected. If you do not, the app will open and nothing will occur as the app does not know which profile to checkout with.
Last modified 2mo ago
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